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Welcome to the Heroes of The Insect World Website.

A portal into the universe I've been creating for the past 40 or so years. What started out as a handful of heroes and then a single super heroine inspired by my niece, has grown into a universe of characters, stories and adventures.

None of this could be possible without the inspiration of many if not all of you (Yes, YOU!). It is a labor of love - and as I am a one-man-show, it is forever a work in progress.

Options to purchase original/custom illustrations can be found in the Store.


If you encounter the symbol (below) and discover that clicking on it is a dead end; don't take it personal.





It's just a placeholder for something soon to come that I hope everyone finds interesting, so please check back.

I hope that you enjoy peeking inside my mind.

Welcome to the
HIW Universe.



In 1980 - in the cereal capital of the world - I created a small 9-page comic book featuring what I called
the Heroes of The Insect World. They were a group of 4 heroes inspired by two of my favorite things; Miniatures (they could shrink and lived in a hi-tech mushroom) and comic books.

Since then, the universe I began has grown exponentially. What was once 4 heroes is now closer to 1,000. And you might ask - "How could you have so many characters, Derick?" The simple answer is that everyone I know (family, friends and acquaintances) inspire new characters and help to weave the tapestry of mythology and adventures in the HIWU. 

If you haven't already inspired me to add you to my universe - visit my Store - Character Creation Page. Whether you identify with heroes or villains - I'd love for you to join the story. 







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